Time tracking

  • Make time tracking as easy as possible just clicking in!
  • Fill in your timesheet by entering task starting events (while switching from one task to another).
  • Real-time entering events of prepared project tasks makes time tracking very accurate and valuable.

Live monitoring

  • Employees' real-time tracking allows you to monitor and manage their current work.


  • Get accurate project/product/customer/account/employee costs just in a second!
  • Analyze your time data by many views - by projects, by products, by accounts, by employees, etc.
  • Compare performance during different time periods (year, month, week, day).
  • 29 prepared reports with many filtering options (time, user).
  • Custom reports setup on demand.

Rights management

  • Set up your users as Workers, Managers and Administrators.
  • Custom roles setup with "your company specific" rights on demand.


  • Suitable for most project/product oriented companies.
  • Ready for integration with existing company IT/ICT infrastructure (LDAP, web services, etc.).
  • Available as web hosted service or self-hosted application.
  • Support for many modern web browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera.
  • Custom integration on demand (with existing IT/ICT technologies and business processes).


  • There are data exports in standard formats for futher processing.
  • Custom exports (specific data selections, output formats) on demand.
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