Take a tour - 4 steps to inspect time!

It is recommended to watch video and get a few basic information before you'll try to use a real application.

Step 1: Add tasks (as manager)

Time tracking is based on inspecting spent time on pre-defined tasks.

Every task belongs to project. Every project is combination of customer (mandatory) and product (optional). If your company doesn’t manage products, you shloud use „DEFAULT“ product.

It is really important to understand these relations: Task <-- Project = Customer (+ Product)

Only tasks are essential - if you won’t to use this recommended structure, you could use pre-defined "DEFAULT" product, customer or project. Based on your company needs you should define:
  1. Products
  2. Customers
  3. Projects
  4. Tasks

Step 2: Add users (as manager)

You should define separate user account for every employee you want to inspect time.

Step 3: Track time (as employee)

Now, you have to ensure that your employees start to track their time by Inspectime.

We suggest using Inspectime after an open discussion with employees. Inspectime is a business intelligence tool which keeps managers informed about their most critical resource. A business has the right to ask how an employee spends their productive time. It's exactly like a timesheet except that it's more accurate, objective, and even it is less time consuming!

Step 4: Monitor & Manage & Analyze (as manager)

When data is collected, you will be able to
  • Analyze all collected data by many views - by projects, by products, by accounts, by employees, etc.
  • Get accurate project/product/customer/account/employee costs just in a second.
  • Compare performance during different time periods (year, month, week, day).
  • Live monitor employees' current work.
  • Check attendance at work.
And much more...
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